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We have a storm brewing outside, complete with downpour and thunder and lightning.  I am sitting still, because the dogs seem to think that they need to wherever I am and we keep tripping on each other.  Over Christmas my dinosaur of an old phone broke and I was able to upgrade to a Droid 2.  So far I really love it.  It hasn’t changed my life, but it is quite convenient.  I downloaded the wordpress app and have written a few posts only to find out that they never published.  Bummer.  I guess technology is only as useful as the operator is tech savvy.

I set a goal to make my way through my half-started projects and piles of project ideas that I have stacked up.  Now when I say that I have a stash, it is much  smaller than many crafter/sewer/quilter types, but it is still taking up way too much space in my life.  I have also been wanting to work on expanding my sewing skills.  A couple of weeks ago I dug into a few projects.  I finished a few things that I still need to take pictures of and I started and finished a baby quilt.  I really have no clue who this quilt is for.  I bought the fabrics at our local quilt shop a few months ago and was dying to do something with them.  I machine quilted for the first time too.  Here is a poorly lit bathroom cell phone pic.  I will have to take some better pictures when we get a sunny day here to show how vibrant the colors really are.


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Hello Out There

Um, so that was quite the blogging absence.  Sorry to have been gone so long.  Truth be told living my life just got the better part of my time and there was less time to write about it.  Our home has seen many visitors these last few months.  I have also been a visitor and was able to snuggle my brand new niece, as well as her big brothers and big sister, in late October.

I stopped working after Thanksgiving, but may be returning to work shortly.  My time at home has been wonderful.  We have eaten many home cooked meals, our house is getting better organized and I made a ton of progress in the fitness department.

This year has started out thoughtfully.  I haven’t set any new resolutions, but I have done a lot of thinking about how to live my life better.  How to have fewer regrets.  How to worry less about things I cannot control.  One night when I was feeling quite antsy and unable to go to sleep I came across this talk.  It has helped my perspective tremendously.  I have choices.  I can choose to be happy and I can choose to have faith no matter what cards I am dealt.

Choose faith over doubt, choose faith over fear, choose faith over the unknown and the unseen, and choose faith over pessimism.” – Bishop Edgely

All of that is easier said than done, but I have a feeling that I am going to need to exercise my faith this year.  I will be constantly reminding myself to CHOOSE the things that are going to make me the happiest.

I will be catching up the blog with all the recent happenings so stay tuned.

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